A Place For Pets

Our mission is to provide the best

We are dedicated to providing the best products, services and advice so your pets can thrive. At A Place for Pets we understand your pets are part of your family. We are dedicated to helping you provide everything they need for a happy and fulfilling life with you.

We know if they are happy and and healthy, you are happy.

Locally owned and operated since 2006

Started by a pair of passionate hobbyists more than 10 years ago, we are more than just a your average pet store. We are a small business with friendly helpful staff dedicated to having the best products and services around with. We have a great selection of products no matter what companion animal you have. From dogs to discus, cats to corals, snakes to stick bugs-we have what they need!

Commited to continued growth

All of us at A Place for Pets are just as passionate about our pets as you are yours and want the best for them. Just like you. We constantly look for and learn about new products on the market to keep up with new demands. We stive to contunue learning and expanding product lines so we can offer you the best. Be it a new type of dog treat or fish food, we love learning about new items.