White Center Glass has been located at 9443 Delridge Way SW since we began in 1965. Now, I don’t want to give you the impression that the soon to be mentioned people are the only employees who have ever worked here. Far from it. But, dang, some of us can hang in there.

Jack Strain started White Center Glass in 1965. Sometime in 1968 he “acquired” Tom McLaughlin. Tom was just a kid in those days but he was pretty much the “glass” guy (when he wasn’t doing mufflers). Then ‘long about 1978, Bill Maas came over from an upholstery shop across the street and the “& Upholstery” was added. Fern Falaschi hired on as a receptionist in 1993.

In 1996, Jack sold the business to Tom McLaughlin. In 2004 Tom sold the business to Fern Falaschi. Jack passed away a few years ago, but Tom, Bill and I are still here. That’s 106 years experience, not only in the industry, but in this building.

Used to be everyone knew us or of us. Now, as more and more new families and businesses move in we hear from people everyday “I’m glad I found you!”

We’re glad you found us as well!

(206) 841-7401

9443 Delridge Way SW