Todd Commercial Management

Retail, Office & Industrial Property Management

It's what we do . . .

Westlake Associates has provided commercial real estate brokerage services since 1975. We have always made our client relationships our top priority, and have a unique reputation as a result. Westlake Commercial Management was created to serve Property Owners who appreciate a modern approach to management.

OUR FOCUS is on cohesive tenant mix, community involvement, property stewardship, sharp financial analysis, tenant and vendor relationships.

OUR EXPERIENCE tells us that to provide exceptional management services, we must keep our portfolio small, and focus on the important things.

OUR GOAL is developing authentic relationships with owners & tenants, and providing a community environment where small business can thrive.

Whereas there are many quality Property Managers to choose from, nobody offers the small portfolio management model. By keeping our portfolio small, we truly can focus on each property, and give them much needed attention to detail.

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