Since 1933, we’ve served those who helped shape our dynamic city into the land of opportunity it is today. We help people finance their first home, a college education, or a family vacation. We help small and big business flourish. And we support underserved and low-income communities, because we know inclusion is the key to improving lives and creating a strong community.

We’re proud of our northwest roots, and as we continue to grow and evolve, we’ll be here for everyone who calls our region home. Together, we’re a collective of incurable optimists, investing in our future, fueling our economy, seeding our hopes and dreams. Together, we’ll help you prosper.

We’re your partner in growth and prosperity. Let us help when you’re ready to get started on your dreams.

Contact: Tai T. Nguyen, Burien Branch Manager

(206) 444-1694

14901 4th Ave. SW, Ste. 107