In the summer of 2008, the founder of Hard Target Living survived a violent home invasion where she and her first husband were forced to fight for their lives. She responded to that experience by immersing herself in concentrated, intense training and work in fields of safety and security few civilians even know exist. The end result of her ten-year odyssey is the Hard Target Living program, an intelligent, preventative approach to personal safety. 

Though many people think first of learning fighting skills when considering how to secure their personal safety, and that was Donna's first response as well, the reality is, attending any kind of defensive tactics course only teaches able-body individuals how to respond to violence in the moment of an attack, and little to nothing about designing their lifestyle to strategically prevent or avoid violent encounters in the first place.

In much the same way secret service agents and other professional protection specialists keep their VIPs safe, the HTL approach to personal safety emphasizes designing one's lifestyle to control how close and how quickly danger can get within arms reach in order to avoid violent encounters.

The founder's life altering journey and the memory of her own experience with violence fuel her passion and determination to bring the HTL preventative approach to personal safety into the homes of the entire nation. Her goal is for the HTL lifestyle to become the national standard for how we approach personal safety. She believes that teaching every individual the HTL principles for safe living could meaningfully decrease crime against innocent people and save the nation billions of dollars in insurance claims and medical bills in the process. 

Personal Empowerment and Self Defense for women and teens.

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