Javier Ortiz always wanted to be in the printing and graphic design business, just like his father. He dreamed of it, he received training at technical school and dreamed some more while working at odd jobs to save up enough money and make his dream a reality. He was eventually able to start a part-time printing and design business from his garage. He worked evenings, knocked on doors, and managed to rustle up a few orders. Those customers were impressed with his quality of work and level of service – after all he was a lot like his father. Soon after, those customers began repeating orders and word spread, gaining even more business for Javier. He eventually moved out of his garage to an office in Kent, and finally to his current location in Burien.

Javier is passionate about his business and always remembers what his father taught him about customer service: provide a good product in a timely fashion at a competitive price. His customers seem to agree.

Javier serves all parts of the Puget Sound, and some out-of-state customers. Contact Javier today for a free estimate.

(206) 922-2126

148 SW 153rd Street